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school library

The School Library houses more than 1,200 volumes on a wide variety of maritime subjects.

Computer stations provide student access to the Web and personal email accounts. The library is open in the evenings each day until 6 pm.

The library’s collection is now available online and can be searched from any computer by clicking HERE or using the link Currently, only Boat School students may borrow books from the library.

Students at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding complete short research projects each quarter, and a required component of these projects is making use of the school’s Learning Resources System. In addition to our own maritime collection here at the school, the Learning Resources System includes the collections at the three area libraries listed below.

Learning Resources System

The Learning Resources System includes the school’s maritime collection, as well as the following community-based maritime collections:

Port Townsend Maritime Resource Center and Collection

H.W. McCurdy Library at the Northwest Maritime Center

Jefferson County Library

Feel free to contact us at or 360-385-4948 if you wish to donate books or magazines to the school.