Nordic Folkboat

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Length: 25′
Type: Sail
Construction: Douglas Fir, Oak, and Purple Heart Stem

Price: $45,000

In the Baltic, home of the design competition that gave birth to the “people’s boat” in 1942, the problem is often too much wind and treacherously shallow waterways. Organizers of the competition were looking for a cabin cruiser that could handle weather as well as be economical to build, fast, and seaworthy. It would also be suitable for racing and for family cruising. Many years later and the rest is history — a colorful history of races, solo ocean crossings, and solo circumnavigations. Today there are 4,000 Folkboats on the water.

The combination of beauty and function of these boats can be witnessed in the new construction of a 25′ fir planked Folkboat being built at the Boat School. The boat is poised at the perfect moment for a lucky person to own her and make custom specifications to the interior, rigging, and finishing.

“The beauty of the Folkboat is that it answers the helm like a dinghy or a ship – whatever you need it to do. It always goes where you point her.” – Dieter Loibner, ‘Folkboat Story: From Cult to Classic’

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