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Master Boatbuilder & Instructor Emeritus

Jeff apprenticed to Bob Prothero, preeminent Northwest boat builder and founder of the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding and began teaching at the School in 1985. As the School’s senior instructor, Jeff has led thousands of students through the lofting and building of more than seventy-five vessels ranging in size from 8 to 50 feet. An excellent instructor both in the classroom and on the boatbuilding floor, Jeff has continually adapted and improved his building techniques and his teaching methodology. As a result, Jeff is instrumental not only in the direct instruction of our students, but also mentorship of the next generation of boat building instructors at the Boat School. Most recently, Jeff led his Traditional Small Craft students in building one of the three boats used by the British Broadcasting Corporation to recreate John Wesley Powell’s iconic 1869 trip through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River while completing four other traditionally-built boats. Jeff enjoys mountain biking when not in the boat shop with his students.

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